Required Courses

The university undergraduate catalog lists all degree requirements including the suggested plan by which to complete them called the Major Academic Plan (MAP). For a complete list of required courses, see the MDT MAP.


If you’d like to prepare for your audition, here are some classes that you can enroll in without being accepted into the MDT program that are included on the major MAP. Courses indicated with a * can help prepare you for the audition requirements.


– MUSIC 113
– *MUSIC 160R
– MUSIC 186


– *DANCE 131
– DANCE 135
– *DANCE 190
– *DANCE 231R
– DANCE 235
– *DANCE 240R
– *DANCE 241R
– *DANCE 290
– *DANCE 291R


– *TMA 123
– *TMA 128
– TMA 201
– TMA 267

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