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Proficiency Examinations

Cast of Student Musical Film LOVESTRUCK
Cast of student musical film LOVESTRUCK

Interdisciplinary Music Dance Theatre Program Proficiency Examinations

Proficiencies for all three disciplines are a key component of the training and should be approached with great thoughtfulness and preparation on the part of all Music Dance Theatre students.

Attendance at all required proficiencies must be a top priority for MDT students. Proficiencies must be treated as a final exam. In the rare instance that a scheduling conflict with a proficiency exam arises, it is the sole responsibility of the individual student to make arrangements with appropriate faculty members prior to the date of the proficiency.

In the event that a student either misses or fails a proficiency exam, the student will be required to speak with the faculty of the particular discipline (voice, dance, acting) involved, and will be called to a meeting of the MDT Steering Committee to make an accounting of circumstances which led him/her to fail or miss a proficiency and submit a written plan for correcting the situation. Failure in two or more areas over two semesters constitutes termination of major status.

Vocal Proficiency
Dance Proficiency
Theatre Proficiency

FALL SEMESTER: MDT Vocal proficiencies are scheduled the last full week of Fall semester and also serve as the final exam for Music 260/360. Proficiencies consist of two contrasting songs, which have been prepared during both technique lessons and coaching sessions. Students who are not enrolled in Music 260/360 in the Fall semester are still required to participate in proficiency exams in the form of a recital also held during the last full week of the semester.

WINTER SEMESTER: Only students not enrolled in classes during Fall semester but who are enrolled Winter semester, as well as any students who missed, failed or were put on probation during Fall proficiencies, are required to perform in Winter semester vocal proficiencies. These are scheduled the last full week of the Winter semester either during their regularly scheduled coaching session or by special appointment with the voice faculty

FALL SEMESTER: Dance proficiencies are required of all MDT students during the last full week of Fall semester. All students will perform a dance combination learned in an “open call” audition and each student is individually adjudicated based upon formalized criteria.

WINTER SEMESTER: Dance Proficiencies are required only for students who were not enrolled in classes Fall semester but who are enrolled Winter semester, as well as any student who missed, failed, or who received scores of 3, 2, or 1 (scale of 5) during Fall proficiencies. These students prepare a one minute contemporary, ballet or jazz combination for dance faculty adjudication. This combination may be learned in a dance class or of the student’s own creation.

Acting proficiencies are scheduled in the final full week of each semester. MDT students participate in Acting Proficiencies ONLY when they need to be enrolled the following semester in a TMA/MDT course requiring an audition. Those leaving the university for professional work or missionary service should also participate in the Acting Proficiency in anticipation of being placed in TMA/MDT classes upon return to campus. Acting proficiencies consist of two contrasting monologues, not to exceed three minutes combined, and are a videotaped audition.