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We want to answer your questions!
  • BYU Application: November 1 (priority); December 16
  • No, but you do have to be admitted to BYU before the start of the Fall semester following auditions. Acceptance into MDT does not guarantee acceptance into BYU. You must be admitted to both independently.
  • The deadline for the MDT Application is November 15th of every year.
  • MDT application, essay, letter of recommendation, three videos, transcript and completed BYU application submitted to the admissions office.
  • If you are invited to attend the MDT live auditions, it is the last Saturday in January of that year. For the upcoming audition cycle, live auditions will be held Saturday, January 26, 2020 in the Richards Building on BYU campus.
  • Though we can’t give you an all inclusive answer, here’s a few things they do look for in your three audition videos:

    Voice – interpretation, quality, suitable selection for vocal ability. Acting – honesty, clarity of objectives. Dance – strength, flexibility, musicality, performance skills.

    Overall, the judges are looking at your desire and potential to become a “triple threat” (your ability to develop expertise when you walk into the auditions).
  • Applicants should not wear costumes, see guidelines below:

    Voice: dress nicely. Acting: dress appropriately—no props or costumes. Dance: Your dress should be modest and allow the viewer to clearly see the motion and dynamics of the dance as well as the line and design of the body.
  • There are no callbacks following the invited live audition.
  • The final results for the new incoming class involves a highly deliberated process. The MDT Faculty Committee over the MDT program carefully weigh many factors when determining the students with the greatest potential from the pool of candidates. The finalized incoming class is notified in mid-March of the Committee’s decision to attend in fall of that year.
  • Each year approximately 120 students apply to the program and about 10-12% are accepted to fill major slots that are available. We don’t discriminate between men and women as there is no quota with respect to how many women or men can be enrolled in the program.
  • Yes, you can. You may audition up to 3 times, or until you have reached the maximum of 60 earned credit hours; whichever comes first. And, in case you’re wondering, we do keep track of the number of times you have auditioned.
  • Yes. All students auditioning for the MDT program are automatically considered for a talent award/scholarship. Continuing students (current MDT students) can apply for talent awards each year they are in the program.
  • Each MDT student must fill out an Advisement Graduation Plan. Learn more on the Graduation Plan Requirement page.