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How to Apply to MDT



To apply to the MDT program, you will need to submit an MDT application and three prescreening videos via SlideRoom by the newly extended submission date of November 29, 2022. The audition committee will review the prescreening videos, and only the top applicants will be invited via email to attend the live audition the last Saturday in January of the following year.

Please note that candidates will generally not find out whether they have been accepted to BYU until after they have been offered acceptance into the MDT program mid-March.

A studio-produced video for the three prescreening videos is not required. However, please consider the following:

  • Have material well prepared and memorized.
  • Find appropriate locations for performing vocal selections, dance and monologues.
  • Perform your best piece first in each category, one that captures the attention of the adjudicators immediately.
  • Dress appropriately for an audition (see below for clarification).
  • Submit only the requested audition material (in other words, pleaseDO NOT submit recorded selections from past performances).

AFTER you have uploaded your three videos and submitted your MDT application via SlideRoom, you need to verify that ALL of your application materials have been received by the Music Dance Theatre (MDT) program. To do this, please email: You will receive a reply telling you your application is complete -OR- what items you are missing.

The MDT SlideRoom application will be available for upload approximately 8 weeks before the November 15 deadline (on or before September 21). You will not be able to apply before September 21 or after November 15. To access the MDT application, click here. Or enter the following URL into your web browser:

Please note that acceptance into the MDT program is for the following year’s fall semester. For example, if you apply by the deadline in November 2018, you are seeking acceptance for Fall semester 2019. Please visit the Required Videos section below to learn more about the three required prescreening videos.