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BYU Application December 1 (priority); February 1
MDT Application and YouTube Videos Received by November 15
Invited Live Audition January 27, 2018

MDT application, essay, letter of recommendation, three videos, transcript and completed BYU application submitted to the admissions office.

They will be reviewed by the MDT Steering Committee on a case-by-case basis.

Voice: interpretation, quality, suitable selection for vocal ability.
Acting: honesty, clarity of objectives.
Dance: strength, flexibility, musicality, performance skills.

Applicants should not wear costumes, see guidelines below:

Voice: dress nicely.
Acting: dress appropriately—no props or costumes.
Dance: Your dress should be modest and allow the viewer to clearly see the motion and dynamics of the dance as well as the line and design of the body.

There are no callbacks following the invited live audition.

Prescreening: 1st week of January.
Finalized incoming class: mid-March.

No. However, feedback can be obtained directly for individual auditions via email.

Usually 100 apply and 16 are accepted. We don’t discriminate between men and women, and there is no quota.

You may audition a maximum of 3 times. We do keep track.

No, but you do have to be admitted to BYU before the start of the Fall semester following auditions. Acceptance into MDT does not guarantee acceptance into BYU. You must be admitted to both independently.

All students auditioning for the MDT program are automatically considered for a talent award.

If you experience any issues or errors while uploading your videos, please try any of the following options to ensure we receive them:

  • Google the specific error message you received and troubleshoot from there.
  • Make your videos public and email them directly to mdtaudition@gmail.com.
  • Keep your videos unlisted, but make sure to give mdtaudition@gmail.com access to view the videos before emailing them.

You may call the office to see if the videos have been received at (801)422-2563.

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