How to prepare your audition tape.


Click here to find instructions for uploading your videos to YouTube.

If you experience any issues or errors while uploading your videos, please try any the following options to ensure we receive them:

  • Google the specific error message you received and troubleshoot from there.
  • Make your videos public and email them directly to
  • Keep your videos unlisted, but make sure to give access to the view the videos before emailing them.

You may call the office to see if the videos have been received at 801.422.2563.


A studio-produced video is not required. However, consider the following:

  • Have material well prepared and memorized.
  • Find appropriate locations for performing vocal selections, dance and monologues.
  • Perform your best piece first in each category – one that captures the attention of the adjudicators immediately.
  • Dress appropriately for an audition (see below for clarification.)
  • Please submit only the requested audition material (DO NOT submit recorded selections from past performances.)


Complete and send three separate videos as follows:

(1) Music video: Two musical theatre excerpts that demonstrate classical theatre and belt styles. One ballad and one up-tempo selection are recommended. Applicants should choose music well suited to their voice and interpretive capability (emotional/acting component is considered carefully in this part of the audition.) MAXIMUM LENGTH of BOTH excerpts combined should be THREE MINUTES or less.

(2) Dance video: Learn the following sequences from the YouTube links provided. Film yourself performing these sequences. Film the sequences separately, but be sure to combine them for upload into one video. Upload the video as instructed above. However, if you feel neither of these sequences showcase your talents and skill, you may submit your own dance IN ADDITION to the sequences listed above. Your own submission may not be longer than 1 minute.

Sequence #1 Demo

Sequence #1 Explanation

Sequence #1 Music (0:00 to 0:47 seconds)

Sequence #2 Demo

Sequence #2 Explanation

Sequence #2 Music (0:56 to 1:25 seconds)

Please make sure that the video shows your entire body from your head to your toes. Wear something akin to what the demonstrators are wearing.

(3) Theatre video: Two contrasting monologues from established play, musical or film scripts. One selection should be comedic; one should be serious/dramatic. Both selections should allow the student to reveal basic honesty and clarity of objectives.


        •  Contemporary material.  (Absolutely no Shakespeare or other ‘classic/ancient’ playwrights.  Material from the last 50 years only from published play scripts).
        •  Appropriate ‘type’ (Material you could reasonably perform in a production at this time and be in your age range, gender, nationality, etc. No dialect or accents.)
        •  Length:  (Under two minutes each…total of no more than four minutes combined)
        •  Conversational and not ‘storytelling’ pieces. (No monologues recounting a past experience or telling someone a story.  Conversation with another person is best. Try looking for actual dialogue scenes and simply cutting out your partner’s lines).
        •  Immediate and identifiable partner. (Who are you talking to?  We will be looking to see if it seems as if you are communicating with another human, although the partner is not seen. This is essential).
        •  Realism/naturalism (Look for colloquial, everyday speech that is not overly bombastic or poetic in nature. Words you might actually use in your own daily conversation are best.
        •  Production values:  (Make sure we can hear you and the plainer the background, the better. But no need for graphics or hiring professionals to make your audition tape. We will be evaluating YOU, not the camera work).
        •  Material that allows us to see ‘you’ in the work…your honest emotions used in the imaginary circumstances of the play.
        • Appropriate ‘Slate’ protocol.  (No need to ‘set the stage’ before your monologues, tell the story or introduce the characters to us. Simply give us your name and what plays your monologues are from. Also, no need to say “scene” at the end of your selections. Simply say “thank you.”

Please watch the videos below of two MDT students performing appropriate monologues.  These specific monologues should NOT be used by applicants.  They represent the type of monologues that best suit the audition process.

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